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Varuna Shunglu is a practioner of 12+ years. She is an author and an expert in NSDR

Saurav is an operation expert of 12+ years 

Varuna Shunglu is a Meditation teacher and Yoga Nidra facilitator, author, lawyer and a passionate health counselor. 

She is an Msc. in Yogic Science and believes in the nourishing therapeutic benefits of an Ayurvedic lifestyle.

Varuna Shunglu Sleep Dragon NSDR

Varuna is a teacher trainer under the Yoga Alliance International and has worked with more than 15000+ individuals. 


She has worked with CEOs of Institutions and International athletes on mindfulness and life coaching. 


Varuna, travels the world taking seminars and hosting retreats. She has recently written a book called ‘ More Than I Am’, published by HarperCollins in May 2023.


When she’s at home, she can be seen whipping up nourishing recipes and catching sunset on the beach.

Her work and training in Yoga Nidra sessions. 

Varuna’s training in Yoga nidra and  meditation began with her grandfather at the age of 3. He would guide her through Yoga Nidras that helped relax her as she was a highly energetic child. It helped her tap into a state of focus and calm. 


Soon she trained under Bishu Ghosh’s daughter, Ruma Dey at the Yoga Center, New alipore. Bishu Ghosh was the man who first took yoga to the west in the late 1930s and taught sessions at Columbia University.( 1939)


By the age of 9, Varuna had found her calling as she delved into the Yogic Practices and Kriyas more deeply training with the Vyakti Vikas Kendra, Bangalore. At 18 years she was invited to do a series of videos online which can be found below.

Once she was in Lady Sri Ram College studying her honours in Political Science, she decided to do her teacher training in Yoga. By that time in 2008, the central government too was supporting Yoga practitioners under the VVKI school, now Sri Sri School of Yoga and certified by the Ministry of Ayush. 


She taught yoga , breathwork and yoga nidra extensively. She continues to teach and upgrade her practice through her postgraduate Law degree and was actively involved in working with students- helping them cope with stress, improving focus and increasing calm especially before challenging days. 


Her expertise in Yoga Nidra increased when she did her further training from Yoga Alliance International and she began conducting teacher trainings at her Kyogiwellness studio. 


Her first meeting and practice with the Bihar school of Yoga, Munger was when Swami Niranjanand ( the current head of the Bihar school) was visiting Calcutta. She attended his training sessions and spent time understanding this practice in depth with him and his team. Soon she was hosting Bihar school teachers from the US, Europe and other parts of India to take advanced Yoga nidra trainings at her studio. These sessions were very insightful and helped her understand the depth of the practice as she herself undertook the processes and analysed the science behind it. 


Varuna has worked for 8 years at a school in Kolkata called Sri Sri Academy and set up their Yoga department. She has worked on meditation and mindfulness with kids from the age.of 3+ onwards upto the age of 18 during this period. She walso works with athletes like footballers and golfers who represent India and worked with IAFP and Tarun Sardesai Golf Academy and others. 

She has taught over 15000+ individuals in this time period



Varuna today, teaches one to tap onto an inner space of calm and resilience through breathwork, visualizations, Yoga Nidras, non sleep deep rest techniques, and prepares one to go deeper into meditation which enhancing their own life experience. Her practices are deeply rooted in Vedic traditions and modern science and she loves exploring topics of longevity, health and mindfulness. 

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Varuna Shunglu nsdr trainer
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