NSDR & Yoga Nidra programs and benefits

Varuna Shunglu Sleep Dragon NSDR

Yoga nidra’s original purpose was to find ‘Samadhi’ –  True self realization. 


Yoga nidra is an ancient Vedic practice for deep rest, enhanced learning, and neuroplasticity through science-backed techniques. The practice fine-tunes your mind for problem solving and creates long term memory by (re) programming the subconscious.


Imagine never feeling sleep-deprived and instantly energized! Use our audios to reach your highest potential, all while you sleep!



Evaluate your mastery level with our course!


– Finding your calm

– Neuroplasticity

– Information Retention

– Deep Sleep 


Each individual will be given a guide to take them through this journey and will be given an evaluation at the end of the course.


  • Here are the five tools of the SLEEP DRAGON Method – realization,release and dis-identification, intention, integration, and restoration – are designed to neutralize these influences.


  • You learn to engage with sensations, thoughts, and experiences as positive messengers that help you embrace discomfort while finding your center. The second time you step into that work presentation, you’ll find yourself less unnerved. We establish that innate awareness.


  • Mindfulness and Calm: Deep Dive into Consciousness using Breathing techniques and the science behind it. The practice we teach aids in self-directing a state of calm through focused breathing and vision through tough situations in life. It is a means of self-inducing tranquility and relaxation. Create that release of unwanted emotions and allow deep relaxation.


  • Engage with your Body-Mind Complex in a safe space: Sleep Dragon takes you through the classical five-stage kosha model, to help you with deep relaxation and help move beyond identification with the body, mind, and senses. The training delves into how karma and sanskaras (deep-seated patterns) influence our lives. We can soon choose the new patterns that we want to invite into our lives whether it is letting go of a toxic relationship or rewiring ourselves to draw boundaries for self preservation.


  • Participants are provided tools and techniques to help rewire the subconscious to face your challenges.  Eg:- You may find yourself annoyed with your partner, but can rewire your brain to choose to bounce back by balancing your body’s autonomic nervous system response. Restore yourself on a daily basis so that you can go back into the world and give your 100%

  • Holistic Health Improvements: Achieve measurable health enhancements such as normalized diastolic and systolic blood pressure, reduced CRP (inflammation factor), and decreased insulin, glucose, and TSH levels. All of this with just the power of Yoga Nidra and no reliance on drugs or pills. (We can measure BEFORE and AFTER- taking tests is optional on your end but advisable). Reduce chronic pain connected with deep rooted emotions and experiences and find your blueprint of joy and health. Experience a transformative shift in consciousness like never before!

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