Interview with Yoga Nidra Practioner: Why Yoga Nidra works

Why Yoga Nidra works? Notes from users

Using yoga Nidra for day to day benefits

 Yoga Nidra as a tool can help individuals navigate the challenges of modern life, find inner peace, and live with purpose and intention. Below I have shared my story and a few of my clients.

Meditation at Beach

Above image is from Sri Lanka- A magical country.

NSdR and Yoga Nidra Benefits
NSdR and Yoga Nidra Benefits

My name is Varuna. I started Yoga when I was 5 years old. I would consider myself a regular person, and always considered myself to be someone who was sporty and fit. I couldn’t imagine the pain and agony I went through when i discovered i had a rare condition called SPN, which meant I had a cyst at the tail end of my pancreas.

It had grown so big that my spleen had to be removed completely and a small tail end of my pancreas.

The surgery wasn’t even the most traumatic part because after I began getting a series of panic attacks. This continued for months and the only thing that helped me hold onto a shred of sanity was my visualization, yoga nidra and Hypnotherapy practice. I would spend hours visualizing my body as healthy, vibrant and functioning well.

It took me two years of daily practice, multiple times a day to come out feeling the way I feel today. I can safely say that i am a whole new person. I understand my limitations but at the same time I feel stronger and more energetic than I’ve ever felt before.

Now, I teach Yoga Nidra and believe that it can be a very good tool for transformation. Yoga Nidra is not a substitute for meditation, but should be done together. However, staying still is difficult, and I often use Yoga Nidra as a stepping stone to meditation. Yoga Nidra has been backed scientifically. It starts with a series of techniques focusing on the body, breath, and awareness. These techniques guide individuals from the thinking mind to the feeling body, eventually leading to a state of pure being. From this state, one can make shifts in their consciousness. If this is a lot of mumbo-jumbo as a lot of my “Tech friends” say, I would say try one and write to us/me if you have questions.

  • Body-Mind Complex: The physical body is the densest manifestation of a series of energy condensations. These energies range from subtle to gross, culminating in the physical body. Impressions or experiences that don’t pass through this complex can get stuck, influencing one’s perception and actions.
  • Intention (Sankalpa): Intention is the act of consciously choosing the direction of one’s life. In Yoga Nidra, intentions are planted at a deep level, allowing for profound shifts in one’s life. This is different from affirmations, which often conflict with deeply held beliefs.

Sleep Dragon Yoga Nidra Testimonial

10 years old photo

Nickolai Svorn, Product Manager, based in San Francisco- This is my story.

” I started doing Yoga Nidra after my break up with my wife of 8 years. It was hard to sleep. I was also stressed at work with all the changes that were happening and needed to get my life in order. Sleep was bad, and I was always low in energy. In a podcast from Tim Ferris I heard about Yoga Nidra. Mind you…. I am not in to Yoga or anything like that, though my opinion has changed. Yoga Nidra seemed resaonable and backed by science. Heard a quote saying the difference between despair and hope is a good night of sleep, and I was desperate to try anything. It feels “scammy” at first, because its so simple. From what I have read and understand the science basically works at various levels. Helps you vizualise and activate different body parts, that automatically diverts your mind to a more restful state. Almost like a trick. Then you gradually move to a state of deep relaxation. Ofcourse connection with a trainer was important. I initially just searched for YouTube videos. Now I have done a few sessions with Sleep Dragon and have had good results.”

Learnings about Yoga Nidra for a beginner

  • Yoga Nidra: It’s an ancient sleep-based meditation technique that simplifies the process of meditation. Unlike traditional meditation that might require intense focus, Yoga Nidra follows the natural process of sleep to help individuals disconnect from overthinking. NSDR that you hear about is a shorter version of Yoga Nidra and was coined by Andrew Huberman.
  • The Body-Mind Complex: Our physical body is just the tangible manifestation of various energy levels. When experiences or traumas don’t get processed, they can influence our perceptions and actions, often unconsciously. Yoga Nidra helps you activate your sub conscious. Now I/we dont expect this is going to be immediate, but this is guaranteed.
  • Power of Intention (Sankalpa): Intention is more than just a wish; it’s a conscious direction you set for your life. By setting clear intentions, one can navigate life with purpose and clarity. Now we believe in general this works. Think when you made a very positive intention to go to the gym, or be nicer. It probably worked. In Yoga Nidra think of it actually entering your sub-conscious and taking a long term effect.
  • Difference between Yoga Nidra and Hypnosis: While both techniques aim to influence the subconscious, their goals differ. Yoga Nidra seeks spiritual enlightenment and a connection to one’s true self, while hypnosis often focuses on behavior modification. So now you know the difference. Both work. and we can help with both.
  • Modern Relevance: Yoga Nidra offers tools to navigate the complexities of modern life, from managing stress to finding purpose. It provides a pathway to inner peace, balance, and self-awareness, essential qualities in today’s world.

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